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Marvel Studios presents: The Actors and the Snipers Threat.

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yearn  intransitive verb \ˈyərn\

1 . to long persistently, wistfully, or sadly.


why I love Regina Mills & Lana Parrilla in 16 seconds.

im a great queen.

im a great queen.

if you make friends with them they’ll probably give you extra topping & extra flavour ;)

if you make friends with them they’ll probably give you extra topping & extra flavour ;)

got home from dentist.. & my lips are numb x)

got home from dentist.. & my lips are numb x)

cptnstag-xo-doe asked:
You know, ouat is the only fandom obsessed with a ship being nearly "canon" to be considered not a crackship, or to be taken seriously at all. Pepper/Tony is the cutest relationship ever, and no one wants marvel to break them up, but I don't think frostiron or superhusband shippers give a good goddamn. And no one would dare try to viciously invalidate mystrade shippers like some have sq-ers, despite it being the very definition of a crackship, having all of NO interaction until the third season.



Actually it’s interesting that you mentioned Pepperony since, from my experience as a Pepperony shipper, they are the minority compared to Stony shippers. We’re certainly made to feel that way. In fact in most fandoms the non-canon ships are still the main contenders, even when there are canon het ships.

If you examine some of the biggest ships there are: Destiel, Sterek, Johnlock. They’re all non-canon slash ships that are still acknowledged as pretty much the biggest ships in the fandom. Oh they get shit, sure, but they’re still widely recognised. Even something like Sterek, which I’ll be first to admit doesn’t have a huge amount of founding in canon - just a lot of potential.

People in the Once fandom get angry, really angry, when you suggest their reason for disliking Swan Queen is because it’s two women, and I think it’s because it touches a nerve. They can preach all they want about their past, about their age difference, about ‘family connection’ or personality. But let’s take a look at Emma’s suitors, shall we?

In terms of past: Hook worked against her, tried to manipulate her, tried to kill her. Neal abandoned her, pregnant, in jail.

In terms of age difference: Both Hook and Neal are technically over 300 years old. Regina is technically around 50/60.

In terms of family connections: Hook was in love with Emma’s son’s grandmother, and showed canon fatherly concern for the father of Emma’s son. I dunno I find that creepier than a loveless marriage connection.

In terms of personality: Hook and Regina’s personalities are practically identical. The only difference is that where Regina’s redemption arc has been longer and more rounded, Hook apparently has been magically redeemed by loaning out his boat.

Neal is slightly different, but when it comes to Hook and Regina, they are both dark haired villains who initially were working against Emma. Honestly, Hook is a cheap male imitation of Regina.

If you’re a SwanFire shipper I have more sympathy for you, as Neal and Regina are very different. I think Captain Swan shippers who are claiming their issue with Swan Queen is any of the above, are sadly deluding themselves.

They’ll argue, they’ll always argue, but the really sad thing is that all you have to do is step back and look objectively at the situation and you see how deeply the homophobia in this fandom is routed. Or perhaps it’s less active homophobia and more heteronormativity.

In most fandoms the slash ship is the front runner, the most supported by the fandom. In this fandom the slash ships are crushed, frequently. Perhaps the thing that’s even sadder is that the only slash ship I’ve yet to see largely ridiculed is Captain Charming. Notice how it’s the one non-femslash ship?

I’m not going to reduce all slash shippers to fetishists, because that’s incorrect and hugely unfair. But I find it sad how when it’s about two men getting busy it’s hot, cool and popular, but when it’s about representation suddenly it’s a crack ship.

The fandom can say it’s not homophobia/heteronormativity as much as they goddamn want to. They can say it til their tongues bleed. But what I want you to tell me is how, in a show where a child shares two mothers, the idea of those mothers having a romantic relationship is classed as ‘crack’ - but one of those mothers with a man with a simlar personality to the other mother, but without the shared son, is classed as ‘fate’?

mom & brother randomly decided to make donuts lol my brother did the toppings :)

mom & brother randomly decided to make donuts lol my brother did the toppings :)


Well it says a lot about us that they had the support of the Supernatural fandom and we had a good part of ours voting AGAINST us and we still gave them a hell of a fight.

Swen I’m proud of you and you know this means next year we will be stronger. Now when is the AfterEllen poll this year so I can prepare emergency supplies? 

So now this girl is going to go read lots of fluffy fics…actually I’ll re read Popcorn Love and surely my mood will improve. 


So proud to be a member of the swan queen fandom. We went up against a well establish fandom, with 6 more seasons under their belt and we held our own. Good job and Destiel, good luck.

Can I just say that I’m happy that a non canon and a lesbian ship made it to the finals…good job.

so i dyed my roots & then the whole head bc extras lol you can clearly see when its done by non professional oh well

so i dyed my roots & then the whole head bc extras lol you can clearly see when its done by non professional oh well

deep. #bookmark

deep. #bookmark

♛ evil hot damn queen ♛ #poofclassicRegina my queen made earthquake wby? #badassMills

oh you know, just my ship making its way to being canon #swanqueen #endgame #ourson (look at Regina’s face tho, can’t wonder how she killed the whole village & got away with it).